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Ball ornament garland

This Christmas decoration is easy to make and perfect for hanging over the fireplace or on the living room wall. Single-coloured, golden and silver ball ornaments will add a stylish touch to your garland, but you can also go for an explosion of festive colours!
Difficulty level : Easy
Duration : 30 minutes

Gather the material


Thread the ornaments onto the string

  • 2.1 - Put some adhesive tape on the end of the string to make threading easier.
  • 2.2 - Thread the ball ornaments onto the string by groups of 4, placing them properly over each other to avoid spaces and to hide the string.

Make a knot on the ends

  • 3.1 - Make a knot on both ends of the string to keep the balls from falling off.

Pro tip

Choose ornaments of different sizes, colours and textures to give your garland a more dynamic effect.

Hang your garland and admire your work