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Red advent calendar ladder
Do it yourself

How to Make an Advent Calendar Ladder

Counting down the days until Christmas has never been so fun thanks to this playful and decorative countdown. Customize it to your Holiday decor!

Person cutting wood using a mitre saw

Cut the Side Rails

  • 1.1 - Cut the ends of the two 1” x 1″ x 8’ wooden strips.
  • 1.2 - Cut six 20” long rungs, as well as a 10 ¼” spacer using 2” x 2″ x 8’ wooden strips.

Pro Tip

Cut the two ends of the side rails to make sure the ladder is nice and straight.
Person using an orbital sander

Sand Down the Wood Pieces

  • 2.1 - Sand down the side rails and all the rungs by hand or using a sander.
Person applying red paint with a roller

Paint It Any Colour

  • 3.1 - Apply two coats of paint to all the pieces using a roller or paint brush. Choose a colour that complements your Holiday decor (red, green, white, cream, gold).
Person measuring wood with a sliding square
Person using a power drill

Install the Rungs

  • 4.1 - Use the 10 ¼” long spacer to identify and mark where the rungs will go. Use a sliding square to make sure everything is straight.
  • 4.2 - Pre-drill all the holes marked.
  • 4.3 - Screw each rung to the side rails.

Pro Tip

Make sure the drill bit used to pre-drill the rung holes matches the screw size. We recommend drilling with a drill bit smaller than the final hole.
Person tying burlap around a red ladder

Decorate Your Project

  • 5.1 - Tie burlap string where the rungs meet the side bars to hide the screws.
  • 5.2 - Decorate the ladder with small gifts or bags numbered 1-25.

Pro Tip

Why not add a light rope or string lights for an even more festive look?

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