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TOOLMASTER - Tool Boxes (2)

Tool boxes are not only essential for transportation but also for storing tools safely, keeping them organized, and protecting against damage. There are stationary units with drawers as well as portable units with carrying handles or wheels. Other tool organizers include inserts that fit into a larger box to create a colour- or size-coded system of organization. A multi-level tool storage box can hold tools, and then unfold to serve as a convenient workspace that offers quick, open access to important equipment. For stationary storage inside the garage or workshop, consider Rona’s selection of large-capacity cabinets and modular units.
Tool storage is essential for any do-it-yourself or professional workshop or garage. Tool boxes provide ample space for keeping any garage or work area neat. Garage tool boxes are available in varying sizes from one- and two-compartment pieces to 10-drawer containers. The multiple drawers also vary in size from small, for accessories such as screws, nails, and washers, to medium-width for wrenches and screwdrivers to large, deep drawers for drills and hammers. With various size options to choose from, there is one to meet every tool storage need.

Use multiple boxes stacked together to create a tool wall. Many tool containers come in stackable designs that allow room for every tool in the garage. Tool walls protect tools from weather, dust, and loss that may occur when the items lie around a garage or shop. Use these walls to keep tools organized and easy to find when needed. Open a drawer to find the required item for the job and return to work without missing a beat.

A single-compartment tool storage box is ideal for carrying a few tools to and from a job location. Another popular option for travelling with tools is a tool storage bag. These bags are available in belts or duffle bag styles. Use either option to keep tools within reach while away from the main workshop. Change out tools for different jobs or keep tools for specific needs available and ready to go. Select products come with wheels. These styles often have a handle for easy manoeuvring, and the handle may fold down or telescope for easy storage when the box is not in use. 

Combine tool boxes with sawhorses and brackets to make the perfect workplace for home projects or working on job sites. Use sawhorses to create a portable table for any project.
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TOOLMASTER Tool Box - 19" - Plastic - Black
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TOOLMASTER Tool Storage Organizer- Blue and Black
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