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MAKITA - Small Parts Organizers (1)

Store screws, nails, and different tools conveniently in these spacious tool organizers. Many tool storage units come with practical handles for simple transport to the construction site. Various cabinets and modular units make it easy to keep files for quick access in busy workplaces. 

Equip workshops with sawhorses and brackets featuring antislip rubber for safety during work. Removable dividers in select tool storage units let users customize the size of each compartment to fit small and large tools inside. Protective latches keep lids on top securely so that nothing can fall out while carrying them.
Using tool organizers not only makes finding the tools you need quicker and easier but also helps to keep them in good condition. Choose from a selection of tool boxes in a range of sizes to meet the needs of your tool collection. There are large, wheeled chests with multiple drawers to accommodate wrenches, hammers, and other large tools, while also offering convenient mobility. Smaller chests with handles are easily portable around the home or other work sites and keep tools within easy reach. If you have an open tool box, consider placing a series of modular inserts inside it to make things more organized. Some sets feature color coding to separate different tools, parts, and accessories using a specific organization system.

Many of the tool organizers, tool drawers, and bins have small, divided compartments to store different hardware such as screws, bolts, and fittings. Clear lids and drawers make the contents easy to identify, so you can find the materials you need for the job at hand. Open storage bins mounted in rows on racks are another convenient choice for hardware and small tool storage. These also allow for individual bin removal, so you can place one on the workbench, keeping it nearby during a project, without disturbing the rest.

An alternative option for tool storage in garages and workshops is a wall-mounted peg board with hooks. Many types of hooks are available to insert into peg board holes to keep tools supported and positioned for quick and easy retrieval. You can even draw outlines and text on the board to help ensure that items are always returned to the correct spot. Rows of configurable hooks offer further customization and support of heavier tools such as axes or shovels. Look for hooks with coatings on the ends to protect against scratches and dents.
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Makita Mitre Saw Stand - Steel
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