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CAT - Axes (2)

Get clear cuts with no hassle by using axes from Rona, available in several designs for various chopping projects. Select from long and short-handled hatchets, handheld axes, and mauls. Perform various manual tasks with proper pry bars and levers made of solid steel to withstand all types of impact.

With several mallets and sledgehammers, individuals can do different hammering tasks effectively. Choose from steel and rubber mallets, and double face and short and long handled sledgehammers in varying weights.
Axes are one of the oldest type of tool known to man, and a longtime favourite for DIY fellers and wood choppers. While you can cut trees or saw logs faster with a chainsaw, there’s something satisfying about using your own muscles to get the job done. Handheld axes are ideal for a wider range of duties than just making firewood.

Carpenters use these tools for rough hewing, which allows you to turn downed trees into lumber. These axes tend to be mid-sized, short enough for you to hold the workpiece while you cut. After hewing the lumber use other tools, such as hand planes, to smooth it out.

Felling axes are useful for chopping down trees. Their broad, slim blades provide a large cutting surface that focuses the force of the strike. Use smaller axes, called hatchets, for clearing brush when camping or hiking, or even to use when making shelters. A splitting maul is a type of axe where its back end resembles the face of a heavy-duty hammer. Combined with its wedge blade, it’s ideal for driving lots of force to split logs for firewood.

When selecting the right axe one very important factor is the handle. The shape of the handle can give the tool added leverage, increasing the power of each strike so you get more done with less effort. Shock vibration properties reduce strain on your body, allowing you to work longer with less fatigue or pain. The shape of the handle can also allow for a smoother hand motion with each chop.

Axe handles are usually wood or fiberglass. Strong woods, such as hickory, are highly resilient as well as very attractive. You can carve wooden handles down slightly to customize the grip to better fit your hands. Fiberglass axe handles have the benefit of added strength and better weather resistance but are not as easy to repair.
CAT J-Series Single-Bit Axe - 3.5-lb icon-wishlist
CAT J-Series Single-Bit Axe - 3.5-lb
Article #330721602
CAT J-Series Camp Axe - 1.25-lb icon-wishlist
CAT J-Series Camp Axe - 1.25-lb
Article #330721606