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12-in - Bench Grinders and Chopsaw Wheels (1)

Bench grinders are useful for removing rough edges and smoothing out welding joins. Some models are hand-held while others mount to a workbench or have a built-in support system, similar to table saws. Choosing the right chopsaw wheels is also essential, as they come in a range of styles and are individually designed for different materials. Many have a maximum recommended speed and may work with masonry or metal. Keep these and other tools running with Rona’s selection of electric motors and parts.
Bench grinders are ideal for sharpening metal tools, shaping tools, and buffing and removing rust from table saws and mitre saws. Chopsaw wheels get the bench grinder performing efficiently, accurately, and reliably. Premier wheels have high-grade wires, balanced brushes, and internal holding plates that ensure user safety and cutting consistency. Most come in high-end steel, and they’re finished with silver coatings for durability. Check Rona’s extensive selection of grinders, wheels, and accessories to get the right equipment.

Bench grinders are power tools running on powerful motors, a spindle, and a wheel that spins. They are an important tool for every welder, fabricator, and maintenance technician. Formulated to make the job of cutting metal pieces simpler and quicker, benchtop grinders need to have the right grinding stone wheels to deliver good results. Using the wrong metal grinding wheel not only damages the tool, but it also makes the cutting or reshaping job more demanding. Look for crimped, fine wire wheels, stainless steel wheels, wire cup brushes, and metal grinding wheels that are ideal for smooth and quick removal of loose mortar and concrete and for peeling paint and rust off metals. Grinders have a limited lifespan. A masonry cutting wheel, metal depressed centre grinding wheel, masonry and metal cut-off blade, and a paint and rust stripper are some premium qualities to consider when replacing your damaged bench grinder blades. Quality rust and paint strippers and blades for bench grinders feature high-quality reinforced aluminium oxide, high-density silicon carbide grain, and extra-strong wheel coating.

The best grinding wheels and blades deliver premium grinding performance, quick and precise cuts with minimal to no noise and dust emission, and superior durability. They offer premium metal cutting and slotting results, as well as superior removal of weld spatter and scales.
Rona Masonry Cutting-Off Wheel - 12-in Dia x 1/8-in T - 25/32-in Arbor - Silicon Carbide icon-wishlist
Rona Masonry Cutting-Off Wheel - 12-in Dia x 1/8-in T - 25/32-in Arbor - Silicon Carbide
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