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KOBALT - Screwdriver Sets (3)

Consider Rona's selection of screwdriver sets as an essential addition to any tool collection. Find a wide range of screwdriver tool sets for automotive, electrical, and construction use. Select slotted, flat, Robertson, and Philip head styles with a range of handle sizes. Specialized sets that contain hex keys, offset, precision, and nut drivers provide the right tools for mechanical, automotive, and other detailed work.

Choose from 2 piece sets to more than 35 piece sets, including individual units in dozens of sizes. Some sets feature a single screwdriver body with multiple bits that are interchangeable.
Complete delicate and simple screw removal with Rona’s selection of screwdriver sets and make driving tasks quick and efficient. Find high-quality Phillips and flat screwdrivers, and precision star-shaped, slotted, flat, hex, and square recess bits to choose from. Choose from wide-ranging screwdriver head sizes and styles that have nut drivers, offset, precision, and hex keys. Based on the complexity of the projects, select the most suitable screwdriver tool sets from the many options that range from 2-piece sets to 35-piece sets.

Multi-bit screwdrivers add simplicity and versatility to your everyday operations. You need not carry around a bunch of screwdrivers, as one or two hand screwdriver sets are enough. And with some screwdriver sets featuring durable storage racks, your toolbox will always stay organized, allowing for the easy location of your tools. Uniquely formulated to ease and simplify the job of screwing in and out hardware, most handheld screwdrivers are strong. They have high-quality coatings on the blades and heads to maximize user comfort and protect hands when handling high-torque projects.

Good-quality flat screwdriver sets have centralized tip size markings on the handles and heat-treated blades to guarantee durability. They also have chemical-resistant handles coupled with soft grips to maximize comfort. The chemical-resistant nature of these handles allows you to use the screwdrivers for different applications without worrying about the handles getting damaged by harsh chemicals. There are sets of different colours, styles, and designs, including slot and Phillips heads, offset and stubby drivers, and magnetized tips. Find top-quality brands like Stanley, Craftsman, Fuller, and more. Even if you are colour and style-specific, you will find good quality and practical screwdrivers that meet your performance and function preferences.
Kobalt Screwdriver Set, 20 Pieces icon-wishlist
Kobalt Screwdriver Set, 20 Pieces
Format ST20
Article #19225180
Kobalt 6 Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set, Blue icon-wishlist
Kobalt 6 Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set, Blue
Format 6PC
Article #14195531
Kobalt Precision Screwdriver Set of 4 icon-wishlist
Kobalt Precision Screwdriver Set of 4
Format ST4
Article #19225176