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1/4 - Cordless Drills and Drivers (2)

Cordless drills are suitable for drilling as well as a range of other applications. Many accept the connection of brushes, discs, hole saws, and other rotary tools. Additionally, drivers work as impact wrenches, delivering heavy torque to tighten or loosen tough fasteners that require extra effort.

Many drills use detachable batteries, giving them a longer run-time and convenient portability around the job site. The batteries are interchangeable with other cordless tools, such as grinders and saws. Rona supplies both individual tools and kits, including carrying and storage cases, as well as spare batteries.
Power tools are a must for any construction or do-it-yourself project. Mobility and ease of use make cordless drills a preferred tool for any project. With many styles available in cordless designs, there’s a fit for every need. These cordless power tools are available in various voltages, providing the means to undertake any construction project.

Cordless drills complement rotary tools and circular saws, allowing users to complete tasks in less time. The convenience of cordless drivers lets users complete those projects that often get put off because cords don’t reach. Cordless power tools make it easy complete mailbox repairs at the end of driveways or erect a trellis at the bottom of the garden with no extension required.

When the project is complete, storing cordless tools is easy. Detach the battery and plug it into a base to charge and then store the tools in a carry bag. Many cordless drills come with carry bags and chargers included. Combination sets are available that include drivers and drills in one package. These combo kits typically use the same charging base and come with a variety of accessories.

Another option to consider is that of a combination tool kit. These combination power tool kits are available with varying attachments that may include drill bit holders, right-angle drives, keyless chucks, and more. Use these models for projects that require flexibility, allowing for the use of one device to complete the whole project. Add a cordless power drill to your toolbox and facilitate all do-it-yourself projects. With all cordless power tools and accessories in one location, it’s easy to complete those projects with fewer stops.
18V Drywall Screwdriver  - Bare Tool (battery not included) icon-wishlist
18V Drywall Screwdriver - Bare Tool (battery not included)
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Impact Driver - Cordless - 1/4" - 18V icon-wishlist
Impact Driver - Cordless - 1/4" - 18V
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