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GENERAL - Router and Trimmer Accessories (1)

Router accessories make it easier for you to finish your woodworking projects. They're useful for creating inlay work for tabletops, cabinet doors, and more. Trimmer accessories allow you to add a graceful curved edge to the exterior of these projects. These products include templates and guides, as well as bits different sizes of bits. When you use them with a top-tier router, you can get beautiful, professional-looking results.
Add cuts at precise angles and in a range of shapes to complete your woodworking projects with trimmers and router accessories. Use routers to cut channels through pieces of wood or create the indentations you need for mortise joints. Routers and trimmers are also useful for trimming laminate flooring, ensuring that it sits snugly in all the corners and curves of the room.

Palm routers have an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to grip with both hands. This reduces operator fatigue and keeps the tool under precision control. Edge routers aid in forming edges so that your flooring fits flush with the walls. These tools feature variable speeds for cutting through different materials and working with an assortment of bit types.

There are many router and trimmer accessories to choose from, meeting the needs of all types of projects. Choose from a range of router bits for different cuts, such as casing, bit moulding, and raised panels with shear top edges. These are essential for creating crown mouldings as well as frames around doors and windows. Many feature carbide tips for durability and a long tool life.

Attach a fixed base to a palm router to cut at variable depths or use a tilt base for cutting inward at an angle. Plunge bases allow for precision adjustments and also have an open design to increase the visibility of workpieces. Trimmers with clear bases also provide an open view of the surface you’re cutting. 

Many of the routers offered by Rona are compatible with cordless power tool batteries and chargers from their matching brands. This makes it easy to keep your power tools charged up and ready to work while also offering convenient portability around the work site. These and many other power tool accessories deliver what you need for any home or professional project.
Contour Guide - 6" x 3 1/2" icon-wishlist
Contour Guide - 6" x 3 1/2"
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