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ROK - Air Compressors (1)

Air compressors deliver the driving force and power needed by pneumatic tools such as nailers and staplers. Available in a range of sizes, they offer convenient portability, featuring either a carrying handle or a wheeled frame with a handle for steering. Some pneumatic air compressors even come in a set, with a nailer and a supply of strip nails for added convenience. Besides running tools, they’re also useful for other applications such as quickly inflating tyres or pool floats. Low-noise models are also available.
Pick a model from Rona’s selection of air compressors to make tasks like nailing and painting a breeze. They offer many applications for construction, maintenance, and repair. Consider electric air compressors as a tool that’s easy to maintain and quiet. For outdoor use, opt for a gasoline-powered model, which usually has more horsepower, and can tackle more difficult tasks.

For less frequent use, consider single-stage models that shut off at about 130 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure. If in need of something more powerful, two-stage models are better suited. Look for one that builds to about 90 PSI for the first stage, and to about 175 PSI for the second. For quick uses, like powering nail guns and airbrushing, choose a portable air compressor, as this is the lightest available option. 

Belt-drive systems provide a silent operation. Select a model with thermal protection when planning to use pneumatic air compressors for lengthy periods of time. This feature prevents damage caused by overloads by stopping the motor. To control the direction of the exhaust, and direct it away from where one is working, an adjustable exhaust feature is valuable. Browse products with multiple couplers, as these are ideal for multiple applications. They allow for handling of different tasks without having to disconnect the original tool to connect the next one.

If in need of an increased air storage feature, consider an auxiliary air tank. Be sure to pick up additional nailing and painting accessories like staples and other pneumatic tools to make the most of compressors. Find models that come with blow guns, hoses, and nailers. You can also purchase these tools separately for a customized experience.
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ROK Air Compressor with 2-in Brad Nailer Combo Kit
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