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FULLER - Adjustable Wrenches (0)

Adjustable wrenches use threaded mechanisms to widen or narrow the jaws to grip fasteners of varying sizes. Similar to mechanic wrenches, they often feature holes on the end that are useful for hanging storage or for tethering. Many of these wrench tools have measurement markings on the jaws to help ensure precision. Some also have rubberized handles for a more comfortable grip and less fatigue. Use them with socket and ratchet sets for automotive repair, home improvement projects, and many other applications.
To be ready for any sized job that might come up, it’s a good idea to keep adjustable wrenches on hand. Unlike conventional mechanic wrenches, which are only useful for single-size nuts, most adjustable wrenches have a movable jaw that adjusts using a threading mechanism. Adjustable wrenches vary in shape, but they often have a jaw that forms four sides of a hexagon, making them perfect for tightening and adjusting hexagonal nuts and hexagonal headed cap screws and bolts. They’re also available in a shape that forms three sides of a square to grip square-shaped nuts, screws, and bolts. Check the size of the nut or bolt in question as different wrenches have jaws that expand to different widths. Many of the models available feature a small ruler on the side of the jaw for measuring the size of the jaw and matching it with the size of the nut or bolt. 

Sometimes called a crescent wrench or an adjustable spanner, the handles of these wrench tools are typically angled at about 15 degrees from the jaw to minimize the stress on the tool’s handle. They come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of various projects. Shorter handles, available down to a length of 6", do not provide as much leverage, but are perfect for tight spaces found in automobiles and mechanical equipment. Longer handles, available up to 18", give more leverage, making it easier to exert force on the nut or bolt. Because the length of the handle means operators need more room, they’re better suited for projects around the house or outdoors where there is plenty of space.

Most adjustable wrenches come with a metal handle finished with steel or chrome. For added comfort, opt for one that has a rubber coating that covers the handle. This makes it easier on hands when working with the tools for extended periods.

Use adjustable wrenches and other mechanic tools with threading tools to complete a variety of automotive or home improvement tasks. Whether operators need left- or right-handed internal threads, these items help ensure bolts anchor tightly, and many of them offer rust and corrosion resistance.
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