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RICHARD - Rulers and Squares (1)

Make the precise measurements required for roofing, framing, and other projects with Rona's selection of measuring rulers. There are angle squares with openings for drawing straight lines or triangles as well as types with adjustable angle markets for making plumb cuts. Use these and other measuring tools along with levels to ensure accurate cutting and correct installation of wood pieces. There are also handy accessories such as clamps to hold squares in place while you take measurements and mark out lines. Use rulers to confirm the results from measurements using laser tools.
Measuring rulers deliver the precise measurements required for any home or professional project. Their durable construction of metal and sturdy plastic allows them to stand up to rigorous use at multiple job sites. Many feature moulded or etched markings and numbers, rather than printed ones, preventing them from fading and becoming illegible over time. There are several sizes to choose from, with longer ones for measuring bigger pieces and shorter measuring squares that fit inside a tool belt.

Look for straight rulers or squares shaped in a 90-degree angle for measuring and cutting rafters. These also feature rafter tables for added convenience and precision. Other angled tools provide an easy means of measuring for mitre cuts at 45- or 90-degree angles. Triangular squares are also useful for measuring angled pieces and drawing lines for shingles in roofing applications. These and other measuring tools offer a straight edge for making accurate marks with pencils and chalk lines

While many measuring squares and rulers are one solid piece, others are adjustable, using sliding or pivoting mechanisms for increased versatility when measuring or plotting out angles. Some feature wooden handles for a more comfortable grip and locking nuts to make sure the adjustable portion of the tool stays in place. Others have built-in bubble levels to ensure proper alignment.

Other measuring tools include protractors and compasses for devising perfect circles, useful in writing out building and landscaping plans, as well as for hole cutting. Combination, multi-functional tools offer the capabilities of a drill gauge for determining the bit size needed, and the locating of a circle’s centre. When making fine measurements requiring extra precision, use a ruler or square with markings as small as 1/32 or 1/64 of an inch. These also feature helpful tables for converting fractions to decimals.
Richard Retractable T-Square - Aluminum - 90° - 48-in x 48-in icon-wishlist
Richard Retractable T-Square - Aluminum - 90° - 48-in x 48-in
Format 48"
Article #0271221