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TOOLWAY - Measuring Tapes (1)

Ensure precision and accuracy in all your do-it-yourself projects with Rona’s selection of measuring tapes. They are available in varying lengths, with larger ones reaching up to 200’ and featuring carrying handles. These also serve as precise straight edges to aid in laying down pencil and chalk lines and other markings. The blades come in colours that make the numbers easy to read and often display measurements in both metric and imperial units. Browse measuring tools such as tape measures and levels that feature magnets to attach to metal surfaces for added versatility and convenience.
Measuring tapes provide the precision you need for any construction or installation project. Look for convenient features such as blades with large, easy-to-read numbers as well as those with both metric and Imperial measurements. Precise indications of each foot or meter also makes it easier to mark cutting spots with a pencil. Tape measures with auto-locking blades also allow for measuring without the need for a helper to hold the blade in place at one end. Additionally, multicatch hooks attach to the corners of wood planks or door jambs, keeping them in place while you walk backward and pull out tape.

Look for precision tools that stand up to the rugged conditions of work sites. Many feature rubberized mouldings on the exterior housing, which not only provides a firm grip but also withstands impacts and drops. Others have metal housings in a chrome finish. Blades also usually have a lacquered coating to protect against scratches and other damage. Carrying a tape measure around your job site is also convenient when you use one with an attached belt clip or a ring that attaches to a key chain.

Tape measures are available in a wide range of lengths, some even featuring blades and numbers in colours that stand out more in low light. Some models come in sets of two or three, giving you multiple tapes to work with. 

For larger jobs, consider Rona's additional selection of measurement accessories and tools, such as digital measuring wheels for surveying and planning. Use laser tools for layouts and measuring tape to verify lengths and levels to verify correct installation of shelves and cabinets. After measuring for cuts, mark your place with a large carpenter's pencil, which creates highly visible lines to ensure cutting at the correct point. Tape also helps determine the length needed when putting down cord or a chalk line.
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Toolway Walking Measuring Wheel - 8-in
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