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IRWIN - Wood Chisels (1)

Select from Rona’s selection of manual woodworking tools in sets or single items. Wood chisels allow you to shape woodworking piece to match your vision. Complement carpentry efforts with planes and rasps to add the final touches after you work down the surface of the wood. They’re designed for carving inlays, and other decorative elements. These models come in multiple sizes to suit any need. Add sharpening stones and accessories to keep chisel tools in peak condition.
Use wood chisels to create any cuts and shapes you wish. Handles that come with a metal striking cap have the advantage of a longer life. In addition, they endure hammer blows better than those without. Look for tempered, chrome-carbon steel and chrome-vanadium blades that maintain their sharp edge over repeated use.

Find chisel tools that come as single items or in sets. Sets provide multiple width chisels to handle the various size cuts and detail work that comes with woodworking. Look for blades with carbon chrome steel that is hardened and tempered, as this will ensure a strong, sharp, longer lasting edge. For increased control, pick a chisel with a slimmer handle. This also makes the tool more comfortable to use. 

For large woodworking projects, consider a set of chisel tools. This will provide greater freedom in your projects, allowing you to tackle a variety of cutting techniques. Find various profile handles including large, slim, ergonomic, and shock-resistant to provide a better grip, as well as improved comfort. Long blades for handling deep cuts are available, even as a set. To keep chisels in top cutting shape, make sure you have sharpening stones and accessories to keep the tools like new.

To add the finishing details to a project, have planes and rasps on hand. These get rid of rough edges, making the result clean and smooth. Rona has a selection in both sets and singles to match specific needs.
Irwin Construction Chisel Set Pack of 3 icon-wishlist
Irwin Construction Chisel Set Pack of 3
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