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TOOLTECH - Planes and Rasps (1)

Put the finishing touches on projects with woodworking planes and rasps to remove rough edges and trim workpieces down to size. Clearing out chips from narrow spaces by hand is easy with wood chisels, which are available in a wide range of sizes. They also have ergonomic handles for a secure, comfortable grip. Other manual woodworking tools include flat files and axe files to work around curves and angles. Keeping sharpening stones and accessories on hand ensures that your chisels, chainsaws, and knives maintain their well-honed edges.
Complete projects by using woodworking planes, rasps, and other tools for an efficient job. Sharp steel on select models makes it easy to manipulate wood without using much effort, so you can finish work on time. Planes or cutters feature multiple diameter options, so it’s easy to complete a range of woodworking tasks. Select models come with a red lever for quick identification. Look for manual woodworking tools, including individual handles, files, and cutting tools.

Versatile steel files are also available to manipulate the wood materials, creating a visually appealing surface that is also smooth to the touch. Elegant handle designs help prevent incidents while working on wood to meet working standards. The filing collection includes files for axes and chain saws for optimal performance. Woodworking rasps are suitable for professional carpenters and casual fans of woodworking, whether they’re used for house building or decorative woodwork. Some rasps work well with other materials besides wood, such as leather and soft metals, and including soapstone and lead.

Design characteristics of specific woodworking rasps feature a flat blade for smoothing on one side, and the rough part on the other side. Other plane models have a rounded blade for minor woodcrafting on the construction site or in the home workshop.

Compact and lightweight shavers are another option to consider, and they’re ideal for efficient shaping, grinding, and broaching the wooden material. Sidecut teeth are available in some shavers, enabling effortless shaving around the corners of wood flooring, kitchen cabinets, or shelving. It’s easy to detach blades from the handle when replacing or sharpening them. Users can utilize filing tools for convex and concave shapes, as well as for standard flat surfaces that require some reshaping. Extra-slim files are perfect for delicate decoration jobs on wooden statues and corner shelves, creating a refined look with many details.
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