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KOMELON - Manual Cutting Tools (2)

Cut and slice the materials you need for creative projects or household repairs with manual cutting tools. Add versatile all-purpose knives and scissors to your toolbox and cut cardboard, drywall, heavy fabric, and more. Many hobby knives and utility cutters have replaceable, retractable blades that enhance safety and ensure your tool's edge is always sharp.

Special-purpose tools such as metal files or bolt and pipe cutters handle unusual shaping or cutting jobs. Hand saws make straight or curved cuts in wood, plastic, or metal. Cutting accessories like mitre boxes and circle guides improve cutting accuracy.
KOMELON Utility Knife 181 mm LRG-W5 icon-wishlist
KOMELON Utility Knife 181 mm LRG-W5
Format 18MM
Article #66235001
Komelon Utility Knife - 25 mm icon-wishlist
Komelon Utility Knife - 25 mm
Format 25MM
Article #66235003