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EXCHANGE-A-BLADE - All-Purpose Knives (1)

Add essential tools to a shop or workroom with multi-purpose knives from Rona. There are manual cutting tools such as snap-off blades and retractable utility knives, laminate cutters, and hobby knives to suit any project. Replace dull blades with replacement knife blades to keep your tools ready to use.

For busy workers on the go, there are multi-tool pocket knives that feature multiple blades, a screwdriver, and more mini tools. Additional handheld essentials include snips and scissors, handsaws, and sanders. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a professional, you’ll find the right manual tools for all tasks.
Take care of various cutting jobs with these multipurpose pocket knives. Blade storage compartments in most models add convenience and safety. Select models include an integrated string cutter for specific wire cutting tasks. It’s possible to retract the blade to multiple positions to achieve different cut lengths, depending on the project. A comfortable grip ensures secure handling to prevent injuries, making it easier to complete demanding and long cutting sessions. Choose from a large selection of roofing, carpet, hobby, and safety knives, along with multi-tool pocket knives that offer versatile and quality use.

Sharp blade selection lets you complete precise cutting work on thin wood, plastic, and some other common materials. All-purpose pocket knives and hand saws are ideal for woodworking businesses with a lot of traffic, so employees can finish the workload before the deadline. Use the practical and smooth wheel mechanism in select models for swift blade adjustments while working. The snap-off blade design is a convenient detail, allowing you to detach a dull blade end for a new sharper blade point. Yellow and red knife colour options make it easy to identify them in a hurry which is practical for facilities with a lot of equipment.

More targeted multipurpose pocket knives include laminate cutters with a plastic handle and specialized insulation knives suitable for cutting through foam and wool. The universal handle design on most models works for left and right-handed individuals, so everyone can use them comfortably. Some knives are foldable with a single hand for convenience while multitasking, or holding another tool in the other hand. The lightweight aluminium blade in several models is ideal for workers on the go who always need a blade on hand. Browse single-pack options, and knife sets with matching designs to equip manual labour establishments and households.
Exchange-a-Blade 5-in-1 Key Chain - Recyclable - Aluminum and Stainless Steel icon-wishlist
Exchange-a-Blade 5-in-1 Key Chain - Recyclable - Aluminum and Stainless Steel
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