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FULLER - Clamps (1)

Keep various types and sizes of wood in place with clamps from Rona. There are spring clamps for quick and easy placement and removal, C-clamps with adjustable, threaded mechanisms, and locking pliers that improve your grip on workpieces. Other types, such as sliding bar clamps, attach hoses to ducts or hold materials together while adhesive sets and dries. Many feature rubber-coated jaws to prevent surface scratches. Hold tightly onto components and fasteners with a selection of lineman’s pliers and other clamp tools.
Clamps maintain a firm grip on wood and other materials while leaving both of your hands free to drill, cut, or sand. Adjustable C-clamps and bar clamps secure workpieces to the workbench surface and may feature protective pads to prevent mars and scratches. Look for models with deep jaws to disperse pressure and reduce dents. Ratcheting clamp tools also allow for fine and precise adjustment. Use corner and angle clamps to aid in adding fasteners to pieces of a frame and keeping them firmly attached. Hand clamps and other types have quick-release mechanisms for convenient, one-handed operation and rapid clamp removal.

Many clamp types are also available in a range of sizes to meet the requirements of each project. There are large and mini sizes to choose from, and small spring clamps that stay in place using tension. These are useful for holding thinner materials such as cardboard or plywood, as well as for gripping cables. Cable clamps are also helpful when holding bundles of cables together and keeping them organized or out of the way of equipment setups.

When working with irregularly shaped objects, strap clamps are a versatile option. They have flexible straps that fit around curves and corners and then provide an all-around secure hold when you tighten the mechanism.

Other clamps work well with PVC and other piping, being equipped with soft pads to grip the pipe securely but safely. Rona also offers hose clamps to hold dishwasher hoses and other liquid channels closed, keeping them attached while preventing leaks. Adjust the tension of these hardware accessories with ease, loosening or tightening with just a screwdriver. Ground clamps and coaxial cable clamps are essential hardware for electrical and telecommunication installations, whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourselfer.
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Iron Clamp Gluing - 1" X 1"
Format 1X1"
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