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ECO Bathroom

Discover our large selection of 5,000 ECO products

Whether they save water or energy, help protect forests, reduce your waste or lower your use of chemicals, our eco-friendly products are a good choice for the planet.

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Laundry room
ECO paint and flooring
ECO faucet, thermostat and dimmer - Bathroom
ECO lightbulb, recessed Light and tablet
ECO Washer and Dryer
ECO faucet, thermostat and dimmer laundry room
ECO lightbulb, convector and flooring - Laundry room
ECO door and wall panel
ECO Railing
ECO Flooring, paint and thermostat


Quality and sustainable products for eco homes.

eco Home appliances

Home appliances

Our ENERGY STAR® certified washers use up to 25% less energy and 33% less water.

eco Bathroom


Our WaterSense® certified bathroom faucets use up to 30% less water and energy.

eco Building materials

Building materials

Our insulators offer better indoor air quality because they create less VOCs emissions.

eco Doors and windows

Doors and windows

By replacing all your windows with our ENERGY STAR certified models, you could save up to 8% on your energy bill.

eco Electricity and lighting

Electricity and lighting

Our ENERGY STAR certified light bulbs use up to 90% less energy than incandescent light bulbs.

eco Flooring


Many of our laminate floors are made from sustainable forests** and offer better indoor air quality by reducing VOCs emissions*.

eco Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation

Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation

Useful knowledge: Our ENERGY STAR certified air conditioning units use up to 10% less energy.

eco Outdoor and garden

Outdoor and garden

Many of our pesticides are less harmful to your health and to the environment while still being highly effective.

eco Paint


Improve your home’s air quality by choosing low-VOC * paints and adhesives.

eco Storage and cleaning

Storage and cleaning

Many of our cleaning products contain fewer chemicals while being highly effective.

* Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemical substances that can be released into the air and are harmful to human health.

** FSC, SFI, and PEFC certified products protect against deforestation and contribute to healthier ecosystems.
Promotes air quality

Helps reduce air pollution in your home. It is good for you and your family.

Find the ECO label on more than 5,000 products, including natural cleaning products, eco insulation, and more. Just apply the ECO filter to your online search and enjoy the many benefits eco-friendly products offer for your family and the environment!

ECO benefits and environmental criteria

The selection of eco-friendly products in RONA's ECO program is based on rigorous environmental criteria, specific to each product category. Some of our product criteria are based on the following certifications:



ENERGY STAR® certified products save on average between 15 and 30% more energy than other products in the same category. ENERGY STAR is administered in Canada by Natural Resources Canada:

eco WaterSense


WaterSense® certified products guarantee water savings of at least 20% more than products of the same quality. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sponsors WaterSense®



ECOLOGO® certified products have a lesser impact on the environment. ECOLOGO's standards are based on a product lifecycle analysis methodology and require different qualities like recycled content and zero harmful chemicals.

eco Greenguard


GREENGUARD® certified products significantly reduce indoor air pollution and exposure to chemicals. GREENGUARD standards are based on the highest global standards for chemical emissions.

eco FSC


FSC® certified forests meet strict standards of forest and wildlife protection, indigenous peoples' rights and community and workers’ rights.

eco SFI


SFI® certified forests meet the requirements for the protection of water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitats, endangered species, and high conservation value forests.

eco PEFC


PEFC® oversees the national forest certification systems including Canada's CSA standard. PEFC ensures that products coming from the forest respect the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.

eco OMRI Canada

OMRI Canada

OMRI Canada® certifies products authorized for organic production following Canadian organic standards.