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Squeegees and Buckets (0)

Add essential tools to household supplies with cleaning buckets from Rona. They’re available in a variety of sizes to tackle any job and have carry handles for easy transporting. Most feature spouts that make pouring out dirty liquids easy. Some have two compartments. Look for an array of brooms, brushes, and mops to be prepared for messes.

Keep linoleum and tile floors spotless with floor squeegees. Some feature adjustable rubber blades, allowing users to reach corners and crevices. Browse the range of home cleaning tools such as steam and vacuum cleaners, and multipurpose cleansers to keep any area clean.
Keep a home or office clean and guest-ready with the help of cleaning buckets. There are several sizes that range from 9.5 litres to 56 litres, and they feature sturdy attached handles that allow them to go from sink to floor easily. There are styles with a detachable wringer for use with string mops. Most have a handy pour spout that allows for easy release of water without splashing. Look for buckets that feature a graduated interior to calculate the ratio between water and cleaning liquids.

Add that special shine to floors and windows with squeegees. You’ll find window, shower, and floor squeegees in several lengths to get the job done right. There are long-handled squeegees with two blades; one for pushing the liquid and one for wiping the surface clean. Some work best on uneven surfaces to ensure maximum coverage. Some styles for use with windows come in a two-in-one design with a rubber blade and a microfibre scrubber for cleaning convenience.

Additional tools for maintaining clean floors and carpets include our wide assortment of brooms, sweepers, and handheld, upright, and central vacuums. Built-in vacuums allow users to clean any floor throughout a building without having to transport a heavy vacuum from room to room. Rona has an array of portable vacuum carts, bagless vacuums, and central vacuum standard and premium accessory kits to suit home and office needs.

Whether you are spot cleaning, spring cleaning, or renovating, you’ll find the right home cleaning tools for any size job. Browse pressure washers, hot water dispensers, and antiscale and rust water treatment systems for those deep-cleaning tasks. We also offer disinfecting cleansers, degreasers, spray stone cleaners, and glass and masonry cleaners for a variety of surfaces. Top off your essentials with mops, brushes, and sponges in a variety of styles for any use.