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RONA ECO - Storage Baskets and Containers (1)

Use storage containers to organize commercial and residential spaces. Wooden crates and fabric or woven baskets provide storage for various household items and add a decorative touch. Rona also offers packs of cardboard moving and storage boxes, with space on the side for easy labelling and identification of the contents. For long-term and short-term storage, plastic tubs provide a durable option. Many are stackable for maximum use of space. Their lids stay in place to protect contents from dust and moisture.
Choosing the right storage containers protects items during long- and short-term warehousing. Storage boxes offer a convenient place to store seasonal clothing, extra toys, linens, and keepsakes. Many are suitable for the attic or garage or even fit under the bed — rolling in and out on casters. Cardboard containers and boxes keep items organized during a home or workplace move. Look for durable and sturdy wooden crates or trays to hold heavy items.

These storage containers are available in an array of options. Durable plastic containers may offer snap-on or inter-locking lids to stay sealed, and some even allow for attaching a padlock. Other bins are stackable and use less floor space. Select flip-top lids, open-air crates, or transparent containers to allow for quick and easy identification of contents. Designate the contents as fragile or prioritize them for quicker, easier unpacking with moving accessories such as tape and labels. Look for bins with moulded handles for comfortable lifting and carrying.

Using carts and drawer units also improves home, classroom, or office organization. Wooden storage chests feature attractive designs with woven basket drawers to hold children’s toys or video games and movie discs. Drawer units are useful for storing reading material such as books or magazines for offices and waiting rooms. Select either stylish canvas or woven baskets and bins as a safe place to store keys or cell phones in your home. Place units near entrances to retrieve valuables on your way out the door.

When selecting containers and boxes for any setting, don’t forget accessories to secure your belongings. Wrap glass vases or drinking vessels in bubble wrap or insert a glass kit into a cardboard box to prevent jostling in transit. Browse paper and packing tape options to keep box flaps closed during a move.
Storage Box with Flip Lid - Plastic - 45-Litre - Grey icon-wishlist
Storage Box with Flip Lid - Plastic - 45-Litre - Grey
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