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BLANCO - Pull Out Trash Cans (1)

Pull-out trash cans are easy to integrate into the design of a kitchen. These kitchen trash cans slide discreetly into a cabinet, allowing for concealment of garbage and keeping it away from pets. With multiple designs, pull-out trash cans can handle daily waste or keep recycling hidden during the collection process. Use countertop organizers to follow through on the need for a clutter-free cooking area. Wire shelves, paper towel holders, and dish racks all help keep kitchen essentials in place and easy to access.
Keep refuse hidden with pull-out trash cans from Rona and make throwing things away quick and efficient. Find products made with a combination of stainless steel and plastic that are ideal for moisture-rich areas like the kitchen, as they won’t rust. They’re also the easiest to clean. Consider a model with removable sides to further increase the ease of cleaning. Use every bit of space the kitchen has to offer with drawer and pantry organizers, which help keep small items such as cutlery tidy or ease the use of corner cupboards with rotating shelves.

Look for cabinet inserts with a soft-closing feature to keep noise at a minimum. Consider the size of the trash cans for cabinet size and to meet the needs of small or large families. For separating the trash for recycling, choose a model that holds two or even three kitchen trash cans. If you don’t need a second trash can, use the extra space next to the bin for storing cleaning supplies and packs of trash bags. The slides come in silver and white options to make matching the style of the kitchen simple. Further complete colour coordination by picking white or grey bins to match the slides. Look at the cabinet size to ensure a simple installation. Match the size of the pull-out slides with the trash bin. Moveable handles are ideal for easily sliding the trash cans in and out. Heavy-duty slides ensure that the pull-out system works effectively when the bins are full. 

For small households, swivel kitchen garbage cans are a smart choice, as they typically hold about 12 L. Lids keep the contents hidden and trap any unpleasant smells from the pull-out trash cans. Automatic lift-up lids further increase the ease of using these trash bins.
Blanco BOTTON II 15-L Black Plastic Pull Out Trash Can icon-wishlist
Blanco BOTTON II 15-L Black Plastic Pull Out Trash Can
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