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UBERHAUS - Melamine Closet Organizers (3)

Rona's modular units and shelving offer a quick and convenient solution for organization in spaces such as the kitchen, laundry room, and bedroom. The durable melamine construction makes them suitable for a variety of environments. Tidy up a closet space with hanging and modular storage units, securely installed using rods and mounting accessories. Keep pairs of shoes and other accessories organized and easy to find with an array of cubes. There are also lightweight and collapsible fabric modular units. Cabinets are available in a range of sizes and often contain adjustable shelves.
Organization and functionality are a priority in most homes, especially in closets. When a closet does not have enough space, it can become cluttered, unsightly, and impossible to navigate. This clutter is where modular units and shoe racks come in to save space. These closet organizers provide a place for everything while taking up little space of their own and using space effectively.

Modular storage is quickly becoming the go-to for closet storage and organization. With many designs available, it’s easy to create a closet space that provides room and functionality at the same time. Modular units are available in a variety of materials including wood, fabric, melamine, and metal, and many stack and are interchangeable. The versatility of their design makes them the perfect closet organizational tool.

Use melamine storage units for a child’s room or anywhere that requires durable pieces of furniture. Melamine is a fire-resistant resin that is used for many home products to provide strength and beauty at the same time. Use its almost unbreakable strength to organize closets in high-traffic areas. These storage units are available as shelves, drawers, boxes, and a combination of all three, providing organization that holds up to the mess. Because of their versatility, you can create a perfect solutions for your space.

Fabric units are another organization option ideal for college dorms. Available in multiple colours and designs, these units give students a place to store books and extra clothes while expressing their own style. These units add space for shoes or make separate sections for pants, shirts, and coats. The possibilities are endless with modular storage units and the organization they provide. Get inspired and tackle all your closet storage needs with the plethora of options at Rona.
Uberhaus 2-Doors Cabinet - 23,6" x 33,8" x 23,6"  - White icon-wishlist
Uberhaus 2-Doors Cabinet - 23,6" x 33,8" x 23,6" - White
Format 23.62x33.86x23.62"
Article #17765009
Uberhaus 1-Door Cabinet - 18" x 72" x 15" - White icon-wishlist
Uberhaus 1-Door Cabinet - 18" x 72" x 15" - White
Format 18.11x72.05x14.96"
Article #17765011
Uberhaus 2-Door Wall Cabinet - 23.6" x 15" x 15" - White icon-wishlist
Uberhaus 2-Door Wall Cabinet - 23.6" x 15" x 15" - White
Format 23.62x14.96x14.96"
Article #17765012