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HYLOFT - Closet Organization (2)

When you have a large collection of shoes and clothing, closet organizers aid in keeping everything tidy and easy to find. There are modular units such as cube organizers and shelving that fits inside closets, providing a convenient place to keep footwear, handbags, and more. Other closet storage options include wall-mountable wire shelves, rows of hooks, and racks with hardware that allow for height and position adjustments. Keep these spaces well-maintained or install a brand new set-up with closet parts and accessories like brackets, hanger rods, and rod ends.
"HyLoft" Add-On Racks - 2-Pack icon-wishlist
"HyLoft" Add-On Racks - 2-Pack
Format 2/PK
Article #02335449
Add-On Storage Hooks - White - Pack of 4 icon-wishlist
Add-On Storage Hooks - White - Pack of 4
Format 4/PK
Article #02335448