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CLOSETMAID - Closet Rods (1)

Take advantage of versatile closet rods from Rona. Most rods feature a durable metal material, so individuals can hang multiple shirts, jackets, and trousers on them. Mounting accessories such as modular units serve as an essential accessory and elevate the closet interior decor while providing functionality. Select closet rods offer the extension option to fit them to the size of a specific closet. Equip bedrooms and other areas with closet mounting hardware, shoe racks, and other supplies for convenient storage.
Easily handle storing your clothes, tools, appliances, and boxes by installing closet rods and mounting accessories in your closets. Select closet rods feature durable 20-gauge stainless steel material, which ensures stability, so clothes won’t fall off when closing the closet door. It’s possible to extend some models to match the closet space in furniture of various sizes. Increase functionality with rods, modular wire units, and other closet mounting hardware for an efficient storage compartment that enables quick access. 

Individual rod brackets are available for proper rod support, so individuals can hang heavy objects without bending the rod. Heavy-duty rods ensure order by providing hanging options that enable simple storage of clothing and other possessions inside closets. A shiny chrome finish is a feature on select steel rods, providing an attractive, fresh look. Plastic flanges are available to help with the installation of rods without using much effort, so anyone can apply them. 

Browse practical closet hangers with smooth sliding features, so you can rearrange clothing without having to take it out of the closet. Most stainless steel and plastic rods come with pre-drilled holes for quick installation, with no heavy-duty tools. Steel rods are ideal for users with plenty of heavy jackets and coats to store, and they’re durable because of their rust-resistant characteristics. Some rods have a twist-and-lock mechanism, which helps with convenient installation. Shelf support brackets provide stability in the closet space, so objects don’t tip over or fall off shelves when you’re choosing items to wear. Look for these and other closet accessories on Rona. 

Select wood rod options are available, offering a lightweight design and natural look with a white finish, which complements modern and traditional decor styles. Plastic tubes are included with some wooden models for additional protection and to withstand heavy pressure over an extended period.
ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony Center Rod Bracket - 10-in H x 2-in W x 16-in D - Nickel - Steel icon-wishlist
ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony Center Rod Bracket - 10-in H x 2-in W x 16-in D - Nickel - Steel
Format 2"x10"x16"
Article #36485064