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Storage: maximize the closet and wardrobe

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A well-designed closet is crucial to eliminating clutter and maintaining organization in the home. Good planning and observation skills will help you maximize every square inch of available space. Modular storage, adjustable storage, shelves, drawers, rods, hanging storage, hooks: there is a whole range of storage solutions to optimize closet use. Here are a few ideas to help you make the choices that will best meet your needs.


Tools and materials required

No specific materials are required to complete this project.

Before Assembly

This project does not require any special precaution before assembling.


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Universal shoe shelf support icon-wishlist
Universal shoe shelf support
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Article #36485158
Shoe Rack icon-wishlist
Shoe Rack
Format 25-45"
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Article #36485149
Closet Rod icon-wishlist
Closet Rod
Format 30-48"
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Article #36485129
Centre Rod Bracket icon-wishlist
Centre Rod Bracket
Format 2"x10"x16"
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Article #36485064
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Storage: maximize the closet and wardrobe