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Storage solutions for the kitchen

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In cabinets, under cabinets, on cabinets, on the wall, on the counters, in drawers: storage solutions are overall for everything! The kitchen is home to a vast array of articles we use on a daily basis, from pots, utensils, small appliances and dishes to recipe books. To be efficient, you need a clear workspace. Shelves, racks, compartments, hooks, pull-out units: storage solutions for the kitchen are many and the possibilities infinite. Our storage tips and advice to maximize every square inch of space.

Your kitchen transformation starts with a good plan. Download our planning guide and leave nothing to chance.

The best and most effective way to optimize your kitchen cabinet space is to compartmentalize: everything in its place, so that when you need a particular item you can put your hands on it easily and quickly. Solutions are as varied as they are creative, such as:

  • Adjustable shelves
  • An assortment of plastic compartments and racks to create storage layers
  • Lazy Susan, or rotating platform under a corner cabinet
  • Hooks to hang utensils and cutting boards on cabinet doors
  • Pull out or sliding drawers and shelves for easy access to items at the very back of deep cabinets
  • Dividers for cutting boards, platters and pot lids that can be stored vertically
  • Storage modules attached to the inside of cabinet doors
  • Sliding modules to store the garbage bin and recycling box under the sink

You can add storage under the wall cabinets, thereby freeing up work surfaces and keeping objects used most often within easy reach. Consider installing:

  • A rack for paper towels and plastic wrap
  • A glass rack, because as well as uncluttering space in your cabinets, they are pretty to look at
  • Cup and mug hooks
  • Horizontal magnetic strips on the backsplash for knives and spice canisters
  • Horizontal rods with hooks attached for measuring cups and other equipment

Put items used less often above the wall cabinets in boxes or baskets, or in various decorative containers.

You can use base cabinet panels and doors to hang over the door racks for tea towels and hand towels. Storage modules attached to the inside of the door to store cleaning products, brushes, wash cloths and other items are also available.

The pantry is coming into its own! No longer restricted to a cabinet or two, it can be installed in a small room off the kitchen. Think walk-in closet with shelves on all four walls. Allow space for vertically stored items, such as the broom and small stepladder; you can also install a unit to hang the vacuum cleaner hose and accessories. If you don’t have the option of a walk-in pantry, you can create a space between a cabinet and corner of the room.

Pullout drawers and shelves are ideal in the pantry for quick and easy access to food. Traditional plastic food containers can easily be stacked; transparent containers are preferable because contents are visible. Put up hooks and racks of all sizes. Use boxes and baskets for bags so you can quickly put your hand on the ingredients you need. Store tins and preserves and a variety of pots and containers.

A wide assortment of compartments is available to increase storage possibilities in drawers, either as individual units or made to fit specific measurements. For example, layering two utensil organizers makes it possible to store cutlery you use for formal occasions underneath and to keep on top your everyday cutlery.
In addition to different sizes of plastic organizers, there are also specific storage solutions for:

  • Storing spice containers, enabling you to see contents at a glance
  • Storing pots on top of each other and keeping lids in another section, using separators.

Clear counters are restful for the eyes and greatly enhance efficiency. Try to group items together, such as cooking and food preparation utensils, in vases or bowls that are both attractive and practical. A knife block is an excellent solution for keeping knives together and close to the food preparation area. The traditional bread box is a kitchen essential, either placed on a counter or installed as a cabinet bread box. Avoid the eye sore of a mess of wires on the counter and designate a specific spot for recharging cell phones and MP3 Players.

Vertical spaces are often underused in kitchens. Walls are great places to store items, so think storage from floor to ceiling.
Traditional shelves are still unbeatable for holding dishes, bottles of oil, spices and various ingredients. Choose the length, width, colour, materials and style that will best suit your needs and decor.
Increase the number of:

  • Hooks to hang utensils, pots and cutting boards
  • Magnetic strips to store metal utensils and knives
  • Bars with hooks to hang oven mits, cloths and other minor items
  • Spice racks


A pot rack installed above the island makes a practical and attractive addition to your kitchen decor. Some pot racks include lights, which is useful.

For small kitchens, islands on wheels are great for adding style, versatility and extra storage. You can increase your food preparation space with an extra work surface, and improve your storage with a cabinet unit, shelves and hooks. When it’s no longer needed? Simply roll it into a corner, leaving more floor space to move around.

There are an amazing number of storage solutions available to increase the functionality of your kitchen. Manufacturers, kitchen specialists, and planning experts all rival each other in trying to come up with new and more creative storage ideas. Look around, let your imagination work for you, and maximize every square inch of space in the kitchen!

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