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Finish drywall joints

  • Difficulty: hammer hammer
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  • Completion Time : Week-end project

Beautifully finished drywall forms the backdrop for all the home furnishings and decorations such as colour, mouldings, furniture and window coverings.

Finishing drywall joints can be a meticulous operation. Following a step-by-step joint finishing process the wall can be finished in a professional manner that will be ready to paint and hang pictures. In addition you will learn how to place, attach and finish both inside and outside corners to add definition and a clean border for the wall. All this can be accomplished with a few common tools and a careful eye for detail.


Tools and materials required


  • 4" drywall knife
  • 8" drywall knife
  • 10" or 12" drywall knife
  • Mason trowel
  • Drywall hawk
  • Broom
  • Drill
  • Drywall compound mixer
  • Fine sandpaper (100 or 120 grit)
  • Shop vacuum with drywall filter and dust attachment
  • Sanding block
  • Particle mask
  • Sweeping compound



  • Paper drywall tape
  • Joint compound (Either premixed or dry)
  • Galvanized steel or plastic edge bead

Before Assembly


The drywall panels must be screwed or nailed tight every 16" against the wall studs and every 12" on center on ceilings.

All screws or nails need to be countersunk low enough to where they do not stick up above the surface or tear the paper.

The tapered seams should be tight together while the corner joints should be no more than 1/4" apart.
Always wear a particle mask when sanding


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