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Build a concrete retaining wall

  • Difficulty: hammer hammer
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  • Completion Time : Week-end Project

A retaining wall can be more than purely decorative; it can contain a flowerbed, enable terraced landscaping, or mark the boundaries of your property.

Many different materials can be used to build a retaining wall: wood, cement, or concrete blocks. Over time, wood will rot and cement will crumble, but if it is well built, a concrete wall will remain beautifully intact for a very long time.

Enhance the look of your home with a concrete retaining wall: simply follow the steps described here below, and build it yourself.


Tools and materials required


  • Shovel
  • Mechanical compactor
  • Rake


  • Concrete blocks for wall
  • 4" Perforated drain tile
  • Cotton string
  • 0 – ¾" gravel
  • Geotextile sheet
  • Stakes

Before Assembly

3D View of construction


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Concrete retaining wall
Build a concrete retaining wall