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Build a work counter in the laundry room

  • Difficulty: hammer
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  • Completion Time : 4 Hours

Build a work counter above the washer and dryer to make the best use of the space in the laundry room.

This counter is perfect for folding and ironing laundry. Made of white melamine, it is simple to build and, above all, easy to maintain. There is a space on the side where you can slide in a rolling laundry cart, increasing the storage space. You can always insert shelves or even eliminate this section if space is more restricted.


Tools and materials required


  • Bench saw or circular saw equipped with a cutting guide
  • Drill with 1/8 inch bit
  • Drill and countersink
  • Wood file
  • Measuring tape
  • Square
  • Iron
  • Pencil 


  • 1 ½ sheets of 5/8 " white melamine, 48" x 96"
  • 1 sheet of white melamine, 1" x 48" x 96"
  • Sandpaper - 150 grain
  • Flathead screw No. 6 1 ¾"
  • Flathead screw No. 8 ½"
  • Angle brackets
  • Edge banding, white melamine finish

Before Assembly


Work counter elevation – laundry room


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Build a work counter in the laundry room
Build a work counter in the laundry room