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Programmable Electronic Timer

Article #0522083 Model #TI062/U Format 120Vx15Ax1HP
  • 31.99 Each
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RONA Langdon Hardware Ltd. / Fort Erie
(289) 320-8250
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Programmable Electronic Timer

Programmable electronic timer. 1,800 W. 1 HP max. 15 A. 120 V. Photocell mode activates program, when darkness threshold is reached dusk and turns off timer at programmed time. Temperature sensor mode executes programming when temperature falls to - 12° C/10° F, - 6° C/21° F or 3° C/37° F (per user's choice). Sunset/sunrise mode turns timer on at dusk and off at dawn. Rugged, weatherproof construction enables indoor or outdoor use. Easy 3-button programming. Temporary override enables bypass, without affecting programming. Battery-free backup. When used to control a pool pump (run it 12 hours per day, instead of 24), can help reduce your energy bill during summer.
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RONA Langdon Hardware Ltd. / Fort Erie

1238 Dominion Road, Fort Erie,
Ontario, L2A 1H7

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