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Product recalls

At RONA inc., your safety and satisfaction are our first priorities. We post product recalls from Health Canada (HC) on our website. For more information, visit Health Canada website.

As it relates to RONA inc., the information provided here is based on press releases that involve products sold through RONA Stores or on rona.ca in the last several years.

The information includes the products involved and the steps to take if you have one of the recalled items. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Tools, products, materials, techniques, building codes and local regulations change; therefore, RONA inc. assumes no liability for omissions, errors or the outcome of any project. The reader must always exercise reasonable caution, follow current codes and regulations that may apply and is urged to consult with a licensed professional if in doubt about any procedures. Please read our terms of use.

Information on older recalls available at Health Canada website.