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For all plumbing projects, use durable and watertight valves to get better results. Choose gas, waste, butterfly, and stop regulators to regulate water and gas flow in industrial and residential settings. Gate and ball valves are ideal for creating tight water seals. Install leak-free check valves and back-flow prevention faucets to stop reverse flow. Protect water pipes from ice build-up in the cold weather by installing high-quality anti-freeze valves from Rona. Made of high-quality bronze, carbon steel, or brass, these plumbing valves serve many applications.
Check out Rona’s selection of standard and advanced purpose valves for safety and critical applications. Find a variety of high-end regulator and stopper connections, from control to ball valve systems, that perform well even in the harshest conditions. Prevent backflow and water contamination in wastewater and sump disposal lines with brass or ABS check plumbing valves. Use regular spring or swing-loaded brass check valves for non-potable water applications, and lead-free check systems for potable heating and water plumbing applications. When separating sanitary equipment and pipe lines, use servicing items like appliance, ball, and angle valves. Made of high-quality materials such as lead-free brass, bronze, and stainless steel, ball valve systems have superior corrosion resistance qualities and high-pressure ratings. These units use rotating balls and levers to pause fluid flow during maintenance and repairs.

Use anti-freeze plumbing valves to prevent freezing of pipes during cold weather. Anti-freeze valves have internal vacuum breakers, chrome-plated tubes, and built-in lock shields to deliver a steady water flow. Consider anti-freeze hydrants with high-quality construction and corrosion-resistant certifications when linking pipes in areas with harsh conditions. Simple yet strong designs allow for easy installation and minimal maintenance. More cold-weather protection comes with anti-freeze valve systems with built-in backflow preventers. Employ automatic draining in toilets and sinks of unfinished and unheated buildings to prevent water overflow.

To prevent leakage in gas pipes, opt for forged brass ball valve systems with sturdy designs and high-pressure resistance. These faucets have a lever or chromed handles to ensure secure handling. Choose code approved air admittance models and avoid the need to install new vent lines on the roof every so often. Right stop and waste faucets are available to use in domestic low-pressure potable water systems. Opt for CSA-certified valves made of robust brass to improve performance in cold and hot water supply pipes.
TOTO EcoPower Brass 3/8-in Manual Mixing Valve for EcoPower Faucets icon-wishlist
TOTO EcoPower Brass 3/8-in Manual Mixing Valve for EcoPower Faucets
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