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Everyday Low Price - Stop Valves (2)

Shut off the flow of cold or hot water with a wide selection of solid stop valves from Rona. Choose ball valves with chrome-plated finishes and nickel-plated handles for simple rotation to start or stop the water supply.

Plumbing valve types include check valves that usually direct water in one direction for specific purposes around the house. Most valves come with multiple sockets and plugs to keep the area watertight and help prevent water from freezing during the winter.
Prevent water leakage in your home and control water systems with heavy-duty stop valves. These durable brass metal plumbing valves are for long-term use and available in several diameters. Most models come with a single quarter turn option for simple turn off or on of the water flow. Versatile gas valves are available as well to eliminate the chance of gas leaks, along with a metal handle for simple operation. Natural and chrome finished brass ensures that these gas and plumbing valves can work with air and water for convenience, so businesses and individuals can equip heating and water systems. 

The combination stop and waste valve design enables water drainage of the non-pressure side when the water flow is inactive.  Plumbing stop valves in the collection meet NSF and CSA regulations, so they’re suitable for professional use in working environments like workshops and repair services, as well as homes. Examples of applications for brass valves include ice makers, dishwashers, hot water heaters, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures. With corrosion, rust, and heat-resistant brass, homeowners can use water shut-off valves for hot and cold water without affecting the material. Most stop valve models include O-rings inside to seal the connection against water pressure.

Quality valves are essential in hazardous working areas with chemical or fire risks to keep the facility secure. Most stop valves are easy to install in a few steps using wrenches and threaded fittings. Straight shut-off valves are an ideal solution for urgent situations, like over filling toilets, when you need to close off the water system as quickly as possible.

By using valves on piping, consumers can perform maintenance to check for potential leaks, or to turn off the water flow before a trip. High-quality plumbing accessories are compatible with different pipe materials including CPVC, copper, and PEX for convenience. Browse standard, ball, and compression valves, and find threaded and solder style valves with male and female connectors to match up with compatible fittings.
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Straight Stop Valve
Format 1/2PEXx3/8OD COMP
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Angle Stop Valve
Format 1/2PEXx3/8OD COMP
Article #01735377