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Everyday Low Price - Ball Valves (1)

Ball valves allow you to control the flow of water in your pipes. Unlike the more specialized antifreeze valves, which prevent burst pipes in the winter, these are for closing off sections of pipe. Use the plumbing valves to turn off the water supply when you need to replace sections of pipe. It takes just a quarter turn to open or close the valve. The spherical section inside allows for smooth operation.

Stop valves and check valves in brass and chrome are rust-resistant and offer long-term service. Look for threaded, PEX, and compression ends.
Turn the water supply or heating on or off easily by installing ball valves into home piping systems. Ball valves feature a small ball inside the pipe that blocks gas or water flow. Red vinyl handles on select models make it easy to identify these valves in dark basement areas for convenience. Multiple dimensions are available to fit pipes of different sizes and shapes. Retrofit designs are also available, featuring a smooth knob-turn mechanism that ensures simple use. Find durable plumbing valves with special finishes, such as a chrome-plated finish, and forged brass valves. 

CSA-certified valves go through several rigorous tests, ensuring optimal performance with heavy water and gas pressures. Equip working environments or homes with valve supplies, including check valves and other models with straight or T-shape handles. More specific examples are hose and boiler valves, which have a 90-degree angle for convenient application on existing outlets at home.  Supply valves come with male or female connectors, depending on the model, so individuals can integrate them with several home appliances. PVC is another material option besides standard brass metal, and both choices offer temperature resistance to prevent cracks from forming on the surface. 

Brass material is corrosion resistant, which is important for long-term use with various liquids. Having a proper supply valve system in the household prevents potential leaks, allowing you to shut off the flow in time. Heavy-duty ball valve models don’t require lubrication for smooth operation, even after an extended period. Outlet box sets with a blue and a red handle are suitable for washing machines and other water-related appliances, so users can manage hot and cold pipes. 

Coupling kits are available, so you can accommodate larger areas with matching ball valve designs, highlighting a professional appearance. The ball valve design is smaller than standard valves in piping, so it’s easy to install them in narrow spaces.
Dahl Ball Valve - Straight Retrofit - 3/8" x 3/8" icon-wishlist
Dahl Ball Valve - Straight Retrofit - 3/8" x 3/8"
Format 3/8x3/8" COMP
Article #36245084