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JOHN SCHULTZ - Anti-Freeze Valves (1)

Make sure pipes don’t freeze in the winter with these durable anti-freeze valves from Rona. Built-in lock shields have a chrome-plated tube, and the internal vacuum breaker ensures a consistent water flow. Most available ball valves have small and compact dimensions, making them an ideal fit in narrow spaces. 

Anti-freeze hydrants feature a notched flange for quick installation, and they have multiple certifications such as CSA and NSF, making them suitable for hazardous areas. With easy quarter turn operating, stop valves ensure reliable water control without busting a pipe.
Get some peace of mind this winter knowing that these anti-freeze valves will keep your plumbing safe and sound. Whether installing them yourself, or paying someone to do it, these valves make the process simple. The plumbing valves from Rona come with certifications such as CSA or NSF and are put through rigorous tests. This assures users the valves will perform in a manner that is reliable, efficient, and safe.

Anti-freeze valves keep pipes from breaking in below freezing weather by restricting the flow of water in the pipes. There are most commonly used with sinks and toilets in houses unoccupied and unheated during winter months. Many of these anti-freeze valves come with features such as automatic draining and built-in back flow preventers. These features allow users to empty the pipes and prevent water from getting into them. Some also have internal vacuum breakers, built-in lockshields, red handles, and notched flanges. There are also valves with quarter turn operation, making positive shutoff quick. You can also find individual check valves, which keep the water flowing only one way. These are non operational, which means they work automatically once installed. The anti-freeze valves feature durable materials such as brass. Brass is an alloy containing zinc and copper. It has corrosion resistant properties, an important feature in good plumbing supplies. Brass even resists galvanic corrosion that takes place with salt water. 

Find a broad selection of ball valves that use a rotating ball for controlling flow and usually come with a lever handle. They are just right for applications such as full-flow, or even throttling when controlling flow. Equally useful are stop valves, designed to prohibit the flow of liquid. Many are ball valves, but do not include a lever for alternating flow.
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