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Connect tubes and plumbing sections by using heavy-duty brass fittings. Choose from T-shaped models, 90-degree-angle fittings, and straight-line designs. With CSA certification approvals for most of these products, they’re an excellent choice for professional workplaces. Male and female connectors of standard and push fittings are available so individuals can install them with different piping. Use convenient compression caps to seal pipe ends when replacing old pipes with new ones. Plumbing accessories such as gas connectors and hose barbs enable users to take advantage of various tools and appliances.
Choose from many types of brass fittings for home and commercial plumbing applications. For pipe to hose or tubing connections, browse barbs of various sizes. The tubes have ridges and a tapering cone shape to secure vinyl, rubber, and other types of tubing. These connectors are suitable for a wide variety of applications including liquefied petroleum gas systems. Couplings are suitable for connecting pipes of the same type and can help repair leaks. Nipples and bushings help connect two fittings and come threaded for easy use. During repairs or inspections, use caps or plugs to seal off gas or liquid supplies. Nipples come with various diameters.

To reduce flow between pipes, use reducers. Some reducers connect pipes of the same size, while others connect pipes with different diameters. Three-way connectors are ideal for irrigation systems because they connect hoses to a single water supply. T-brass fittings help turn standard supply outlets into three-way applications for reverse osmosis systems, water filters, dishwasher hookups, instant hot shower systems, and ice makers. Elbows allow plumbers to make 90-degree pipe connections and come in several designs with various male-female threaded ends. Other types of brass fittings include couplings and unions for various applications. Find more plumbing supplies such as tubular chrome plated fittings of different sizes for kitchens, bathrooms, and other uses.

Some brass fittings that connect pipes come with rubber washers to form air and watertight seals. Unleaded brass options are suitable for various applications such as water supply systems. When choosing fittings, consider the diameters and compatibility. Several connectors are suitable for use with brass, copper, and iron pipes. Others are suitable for copper, brass, rubber, and aluminium pipes and tubing. In addition, different fittings come with various types of brass suitable for hot and cold water, gas, liquefied petroleum, grease, and gasoline. Fittings for high-pressure liquid, gas, and vacuum applications have high strength. Their resistance to corrosion and rust makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
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