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RED LION - Submersible Pumps (1)

Sumps and other submersible pumps help to keep water from building up in crawl spaces and basements, as well as in commercial spaces. Many feature float switches to trigger their motors only in the event of water reaching a certain depth, which saves energy. Other types of submersible utility pumps include models to remove condensate from HVAC systems, or to deliver water at high pressure to a shower.

Rona carries pump accessories such as check valves, splice kits, and connectors to keep equipment in optimal working order.
Remove water from basements, ditches, and other areas by using versatile submersible pumps. Because submersibles are already in water, there’s no need to prime them. However, they do have to be fully submerged before use. These pumps push water to the surface by transforming kinetic energy into pressure energy. Water is drawn inside the pump where the rotating impeller pushes it through. Many models feature a lightweight design, which makes submersible utility pumps easy to carry. Another advantage of water pump systems is that they need not expend a lot of energy, ensuring efficient use at home or at work. 

Several pump models feature aluminum or zinc casings. These are corrosion-resistant materials that dissipate heat quickly and are lightweight, extending the life of the pump. By dissipating heat quickly, these water pumps work efficiently without overheating the motor. Long power cords provide easy access to electrical outlets. The practical design of the water intake areas eliminates the chance of clogs occurring while the submersible pump is active, minimizing motor stress. 

Because they’re underwater, submersible pumps make little noise. Watertight gaskets ensure that no water infiltrates the motor, eliminating costly repairs. Individuals can use submersible utility pumps to provide water pressure for cleaning. Use lake water, for example, to wash boats or other marine craft. Most models have a space-saving design to fit into small basins, or underneath sheds or houses. The portable models can also be used to drain water from pool covers. All movable parts of this unit are on the inside to increase safety around children and pets. The waterproof design and durable components make these pumps suitable for wet areas, and they require little maintenance over an extended period.
Red Lion - Sump Pump - 1/3HP - Cast Iron - Clog Resistant icon-wishlist
Red Lion - Sump Pump - 1/3HP - Cast Iron - Clog Resistant
Format 1/3HP
Article #92155057