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COBRA - Drain Cleaners (1)

Drain cleaners open up pipes to allow water to flow again and basins to empty. There are chemical cleaners that power through standing water to eat away at clogs. Find products to use as monthly treatments to maintain a septic system or a holding tank. These may come in liquid or powder form. For both quick fixes and heavy-duty jobs, Rona offers manual home drain cleaners. Remove surface blockages with a plunger, or clear out a clog deep in the pipes with the long reach of an auger. Small, hand-held drain tools fit easily into tub and shower drains.
Different drain cleaners are better suited to specific kinds of clogs. Gel drain cleaner powers through sinks or tubs with standing water to reach clogs made of built-up soap scum, hair, and toothpaste. Strong liquid or crystal drain cleaners are a better choice for drains where there is no standing water. Commercial-strength products break down regular build-up as well as grease and clumps of paper. Foaming drain cleaner is a reliable choice for drains that are not fully blocked but are draining slowly and need a thorough cleaning.

Look for liquids safe for use on plastic pipes or those suitable for septic system applications as needed. Others are also biodegradable, making them more environmentally friendly. There are also plenty of chemical-free options for home drain cleaners, such as plungers with rounded or corrugated heads and smaller plungers for sinks and dishwasher discharge hoses. Other types use a gas discharge that expands in the pipe and pushes away clogs. Some plungers include a storage base for added convenience and to keep the floor dry. Slip a thin cleaning tool into a sink or tub drain, where it grabs onto blockages and pulls material back up and out. These work as alternatives to liquid drain cleaners or in concert with them.

Some situations, such as a deeper or thicker clog, use a tool such as a drain plunger or a steel auger. These are flexible to navigate curving pipes and also for reaching greater distances. A coiled metal screw on the end delivers powerful clog removal. Auger tools are useful for both home use and professional jobs in commercial sites. Shorter augers are available for unclogging toilets. Prevent clogs and back-ups with regular septic system and tank treatments to break down material that is otherwise non-biodegradable.
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Cobra Plastic Drain Unclogging Tools - Pack of 3
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