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SURF-PRO - Strippers, Tools and Accessories (1)

Revitalize a room with a fresh coat of paint by first removing the old with strippers in both liquid and tool form. Substances for loosening adhesives, wallpaper, paint, or varnish come in spray bottles for easy application. Many of these are also environmentally friendly and have a low vapor factor, making them more convenient to use.

Rona's other stripping tools include steel wool scrubbers for furniture and hand-held scrapers. Restore a dried, hardened brush or roller and use it again after a dip in a degreasing cleaner. Don't forget masking tape and paper to protect surfaces from paint spatter.
Remove stains from a variety of surfaces with strippers, tools, and accessories from Rona. Practical stripping tools extend the lifetime of wood surfaces, so there’s no need to repaint them for a substantial period. A special gel formula in select types increases the overall performance, which saves time. Use them to remove multiple layers of oil paints, varnish, and glue with little mess. Most options are suitable for work on wood, metal, and concrete, covering common indoor and outdoor building materials.

High-quality paint stripper supplies come in containers with handles for simple transport to construction sites and air-tight caps that prevent leakage. All-purpose removers are ideal for getting rid of paint spills while renovating or removing gum, tar, and small particles from surfaces. With no unpleasant odours, select paint strippers are suitable for use in homes with small children or pets. The nontoxic formula won’t affect your skin as long as you wash it off quickly, enabling a safe application process. Minimal emissions in stripping tool supplies help companies and households keep the environment cleaner. Spray gel designs prevent dripping for mess-free projects, without causing spots on the floor. The spray gel mechanism is convenient for removing wallpaper before renovations, providing an easy way to roll them off. 

Remove up to 30 coats of paint in a single application by using select paint strippers, which are also biodegradable, enabling recycling in various industries. Steel wool pads are very effective at removing paint and are available in multipacks. Scrapers with wooden handles feature an ergonomic design, so workers can perform complex paint stripping jobs using minimal effort. Use them on flat, curvy, or angled surfaces for an efficient workflow. There are stripping gloves in the collection too, featuring neoprene and natural rubber material, to help protect hands while stripping paint.
Surf-Pro 110-ml Non-Toxic Biodegradable Gel Silicone Buster icon-wishlist
Surf-Pro 110-ml Non-Toxic Biodegradable Gel Silicone Buster
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