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TOTAL TOOLS - Sprayers and Heat Guns (1)

Paint sprayers are efficient tools for finishing projects outside and inside the home. A convenient alternative to brushes and manual painting, paint guns deliver even coverage from adjustable nozzles. Both hand-held and wheeled models are available. They're also useful for working on uneven, multi-faceted surfaces, such as blinds and furniture.

Heat guns also work in numerous applications, such as making tubing soft enough to bend and thawing out frozen pipes. Keep sprayers running smoothly with nozzles and paint accessories, such as spray guard tips and atomizer valves, as well as sprayer cleaner.
Choose from paint sprayers of various sizes for small and large painting jobs. Handheld options operate quietly and feature a lightweight construction with ergonomic handles. Compact sprayers have tanks with between 1 quart and 1 gallon capacities. Some have suction tubes to channel paint from larger receptacles when working on sizeable areas. Most of these sprayers have narrow nozzles, and some come with one wide and one narrow nozzle. They also have knobs that let users adjust pressure to control spray patterns. Options with non-sticking ceramic inlet valves are long-lasting because of their high resistance to wear. Mechanisms such as speed piston pumps enable these sprayers to paint consistently for even finishes.

Airless sprayers are powerful, and ideal for large tasks both indoors and outdoors. They're accurate, and their high-pressure capabilities allow users to spray unthinned coatings. The paint sprayers have hoses more than 5 metres long and are ideal for professional painting jobs. Large airless sprayers have rugged casters for convenient mobility in various work environments. Sprayers have different speeds, and small models can spray between 1 and 5 gallons per minute. These are ideal for small decoration and repair projects at home. Faster models can achieve speeds between 6 and 15 gallons per minute to cover large areas in a short time. Versatile designs work with stains and sealers, and chalky, milky, and unthinned latex paints. The sprayers are easy to clean and create even finishes. Select options have low-level indicators that warn users when tanks are almost running out of paint for timely refills.

Heat guns make paint stripping easier. Some have more than 100 temperature settings for removing paint, removing decals, thawing pipes, and drying spackle. Select options also come with different nozzles in the pack to optimally perform these different tasks. Other paint accessories include rollers and roller parts for painting and repairs. Replacement spray tips, hoses, and suction tubes are available with other parts to repair or equip sprayers and rollers.
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Total Tools 10-in Air Paint Sprayer
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