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ZINSSER - Treatments - Wood (1)

Use wood treatments to preserve and decorate structures and furniture. Wood paints are available in water- and oil-based versions for indoor and outdoor applications. Select treatments for wood are compatible for use on pool decks where barefoot slip-resistance is important. Some resin treatments for concrete and wood surfaces can seal gaps and cracks while creating a waterproof coating. Odourless water-based treatments are suitable for use with cutting boards, butcher blocks, and other wooden utensils. They help prevent cracking, and are free of harmful chemicals. Use a wood sealant for outdoor and marine applications that can withstand UV rays and saltwater.
Keep wood structures such as decks and fences resilient and structurally sound year after year with regular applications of wood treatments. Pressure-treated wood stands up to the elements longer than standard wood, but still requires an additional protective coating. Maintenance-free wood protectors are long lasting, and they come in a range of finishes to add a natural tint to wood. They repel rainwater, as well as moisture from other sources, causing it to bead up and roll off instead of being absorbed. Another benefit is protection from prolonged UV exposure, which reduces discolouration, cracking, and peeling.

If it’s been a while since treating a deck or other wood structures, and they have some wear, apply wood treatments for a thick layer of protection that restores texture and colour and also fills small cracks. Use wood preservatives to coat and protect decks and patios, and also wooden doors, windows, and sashes. They even work on canvas. Some waterproofing solutions are multi purpose, acting as wood sealant while also suitable for masonry and concrete. Choose specially formulated preservatives for use on end-cut wood, giving it added defence against mildew and rot caused by moisture. Penetrating timber oil grants deep-reaching protection and nourishes the wood.

Restoring an outdoor wooden structure may require removal of old paint or varnish with thinners and solvents. Linseed oil is safe for use on exterior and interior wood, such as hardwood floors and furniture, and for thinning oil-based wood paint.

Wood maintenance is just as essential as wood protection, and Rona carries a wide selection of cleaners. Deck cleaner removes mould and mildew stains and removes layers of accumulated dirt and grime. Certain wood cleaners work on either finished or unfinished wood and other types of surfaces. Some products foam up for deeper cleaning action. Look for biodegradable cleaners that are gentle on yards and wildlife.
Zinsser Shellac Primer - Wood Sealer - Clear - Fast-Drying - 236 mL icon-wishlist
Zinsser Shellac Primer - Wood Sealer - Clear - Fast-Drying - 236 mL
Format 237ML
Article #59795165