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FINITEC - Wood Filler and Repair Kits (0)

Make smooth and seamless repairs around the home with wood filler and other patching compounds. Use filler to fix imperfections in trim, baseboards, and a variety of wooden surfaces, and then sand and drill the filler just like real wood once it's dry. Block drafts and fill gaps with sealants and caulks such as expanding and insulating foam. Wood paint, touch-up kits, stain markers, and pencils in finishes that match wood are ideal for covering up stains and surface scratches. Further protect wood with a coating of clear finish.
If you’ve got the right supplies, home repairs can go from an all-day project to a quick task. Look for wood filler and similar compounds to save time and avoid the cost of a complete remodel or replacement. For instance, instead of replacing a whole section of crown moulding, fill in any nicks or holes.

Depending on the home design and construction, different projects call for various materials. Mud, sometimes known as drywall compounds and mastics or joint compound, is useful for filling in holes in a wall if the hole is small enough. With correct application, these patching compounds dry in a manner that makes them indistinguishable from the original section of wall. For optimal results, have a drywall knife, sandpaper, and any specialty texture applicators or sprays on hand. Another important component is a metal mesh screen to place over the hole before applying the compound.

Consider wood repair kits suitable for carpentry around a home. This includes staircase banisters, mouldings, cabinet doors, and more. One quality to look for in wood patching compound is a non-shrinking formula. This means that the putty fills in cracks and keeps its size, eliminating the need for a second application. Make sure the filler is sandable, an important feature that allows you to eliminate rough patches and smooth the new compound down to be flush with the surface of the work piece.

Make certain the filler is compatible with wood paint or stain so you can match the colour. As far as finishes go, opt for one that matches what is already on the woodwork. Wood filler that is made with cellulose fibres can accept both oil- and water-based stains and paint, and it’s easy to stain so the filler matches the surrounding wood.
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