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KRYLON - Interior Paint - Latex (2)

Supplement your design ideas with premium interior paint to get a cool, tranquil, and inviting ambiance. Choose a water-based, latex-based, or an acrylic-based interior latex paint, and create a smooth and durable flat, semi-gloss, pearl, matte, velvet, or melamine finish on interior walls and trims. High-quality paint solutions have a unique formula and bond strongly to the painted surface to create a durable finish that dries quickly and is typically washable. For alternative home interior paint, browse alkyd interior paints for high-gloss finishes that are ideal for areas that get plenty of traffic or have a moist atmosphere.
Latex paint, also known as water-based paint, is a popular option for interior colouring. It has lower odour and VOC counts than the main alternative, oil-based paints. This coating goes on smoothly, and covers previous layers in just one or two coats. This paint forms a barrier on top of the surface, and you can paint over existing layers of either water-based or oil-based paint.

Interior paint comes in multiple sheens, each of which is suitable for a different area of your home. Flats are ideal for ceilings and other areas that don’t get touched. Eggshell is popular in bedrooms and hallways as a backdrop for decor and lighting. Satin home interior paint is shinier than the duller versions and spreads light softly along walls. This makes it great for living rooms and other living areas. Semi-gloss has a coating that makes it more resistant to water and easier to clean, so homeowners prefer it in kitchens and bathrooms. Glossy interior paints hold up to rough conditions, and their shine makes them optimal for mouldings and trim work.

You can also get these paints in doorway versions, which are hardy and glossy. Most interior latex paints require a layer of primer before application. This improves adhesion and can hide any blemishes on the surface. Some home interior paints are also available in paint and primer formulations, which can eliminate the need for a primer layer. Paints that are listed as “children’s room” or “nursery” have lower VOC levels, which makes them safer to use around young people and pregnant mothers. Latex paints are tintable to recreate any colour in the spectrum. In addition to the traditional white, light, medium, and deep bases, specialty yellow and red bases increase the number of shades and hues available.

When purchasing  paint, a good rule of thumb is that a gallon covers up to 400 square feet, or 37 square metres. You get greater coverage over primed or painted surfaces than over bare drywall. At this rate, you can use just one gallon of interior paint to apply one coat to a room that’s about 2.5 metres tall and contains four walls that are each 4 metres long.
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