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CRAFTSMAN - Floor Paint (2)

Give your flooring a fresh look with a hard-wearing, solvent-based floor paint. Ideal for use on stone, concrete, and timber floors, Rona’s selection of floor paints have strong and super-adhesive pigments. Find enamel floor paints that resist yellowing and wear. Create unique floor surfaces with decorative epoxy coatings. The right alkyd floor paint will bond well to your floor and dry super-fast to create a tough but beautiful surface. Create a strong and odourless finish with the right water-based latex floor paint.
Make floors look brand new with Rona’s inspiring options of floor paint. Whether you’re looking for paint for the outdoors or the indoors, this selection has got you covered. Opt for the paint that works best for the conditions you’re working in, such as patios, garages, or walkways. Each location presents a different paint need, such as resistance to hot tyre marks, fading, peeling, scuffing, or blistering. 

Pick from a wide selection of enamel floor paint, which has the advantage of offering a durable finish, making it ideal for garages and outdoor surfaces. If you’re painting the floor of the garage, pick a product resistant to household chemicals and has the advantage of easy stain removal. When painting the basement floor, look for a product that’s resistant to mildew.

The selection of paint includes latex floor paint, featuring benefits such as resistance to yellowing and increased durability. Use it on either concrete or wood surfaces and enjoy its low odour and fast drying. If you drop something on this type of paint, it’s easy to clean with water with no issues. 

Choose the finish that works best for the space. Many satin-finish products offer the benefit of being slip-resistant, making them ideal for pool decks. Select a paint that offers a one-step application process if time is short. As an alternative, be sure to get the necessary materials for all the steps of the project. For instance, for the finishing touches, consider adding decorative chips. Keep an eye out for eco-friendly options such as ECO Floor Paint, as they’re ideal for those taking better care of the environment. Look for favourite colours, whether it’s grey, blue, or others.
CRAFTSMAN 3.78-L Light-Grey Satin Garage Floor Coating icon-wishlist
CRAFTSMAN 3.78-L Light-Grey Satin Garage Floor Coating
Article #330946178
CRAFTSMAN 3.78-L Beige Satin Garage Floor Coating icon-wishlist
CRAFTSMAN 3.78-L Beige Satin Garage Floor Coating
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