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TRACSAFE - Silicone Sealants (1)

Select silicone sealants as a versatile option when it comes to filling seams and cracks in your home. Unlike expanding polyurethane foam, this material leaves a consistent bead which makes it suitable for sealing visible corners in a room. While acrylic multipurpose caulking is paintable, silicone rubber sealants are not, but they do come in multiple colours, including clear, to suit any room’s colour scheme. Silicone is far more flexible and resilient than acrylic home sealants and holds up to excessive exposure to moisture.
Complete various repair jobs at home or at work by using silicone sealants, which produce a long-lasting and watertight seal. Silicone remains elastic in low and high temperatures, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Moisture in the air serves as an activator for this liquid form of adhesive when you apply the silicone rubber sealant into a gap. Look for specialty caulking and silicone-type sealants to ensure a solid bond. The sealants are practical for use on glass, electronic devices, and vehicles. 

Specialized sealants work for more specific tasks such as repairing cracks in masonry or to help prevent water damage. The sealing adhesive on select models changes to a lighter hue after drying to blend in with the colour of the concrete. Most units contain over 300 millilitres of the liquid sealant, which is more than enough for many repair and seal tasks in busy working environments. Home sealants are also practical for levelling different surfaces on floors, walls, or ceilings.

Insulation is an important benefit of specialty sealants, so homeowners can keep the indoor temperature stable in extreme weather. The flexibility of silicone rubber sealants makes them resistant to temperature swings, which can be an issue for sealants other than silicone. Select models offer fast-dry properties to speed up the sealing process. Other sealants are anti microbial, ideal for kitchen use and in households with small children and pets. Some items in the selection are suitable for sealing windows and outdoor objects in windy areas.

Several sealants made with silicone go through rigorous quality testing to ensure optimal performance, helping ensure the product doesn’t shrink or crack. Colour options include black, grey, and clear silicone sealants, so you can match up materials with the bathroom or kitchen decor. Two-in-one models offer a simple way to seal and bond building supplies for a solid structure.
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Tracsafe anti-Slip Sealer Acryic Clear 3.7L
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