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Garage Packages

Upgrade your home, add to your property value and protect your expensive auto investment
To build a garage, choose from our many pre-planned sizes,

or if you have special requirements, we can alter the length, width or height of any package to fit your needs. Include finishing package options or choose custom siding or roofing for a garage that meets your exact specifications.

Garage styles Choose from our 2 available models:

Standard Gable Roof Garage Package
Cottage Roof Garage Package (special order)

Garage Sizes Whatever the size, we can help

Single car garage
Standard sizes
12' x 20' 14' x 22' 16' x 24' 18' x 22'

Double car garage
non standard 18' x 22' non standard non standard non standard non standard
non standard 20' x 22' 20' x 24' non standard non standard non standard
22' x 20' 22' x 22' 22' x 24' non standard non standard non standard
non standard 24' x 22' 24' x 24' 24' x 26' non standard non standard
non standard non standard 26' x 24' non standard 26' x 28' 26' x 30'
non standard non standard non standard non standard non standard 28' x 30'
non standard non standard non standard non standard non standard 30' x 30'
Non standard
Special sizes

    If you require specific garage features or have a custom model in mind, we can design and calculate all the material needed for your project. Come in and ask one of our experts for a free estimate for your garage project.

garage features Select the features that suit your needs

  1. Kiln-dried spruce framing
  2. Pressure Treated bottom plates
  3. 3/8" OSB wall sheathing and 7/16" OSB on roof
  4. Roofing Felt and roof vents
  5. 2x8 lintels over entry door and windows
  6. Engineered beam for overhead door
  7. Door jamb and trim
  8. Steel insulated entrance door with keyed alike lock and deadbolt
  9. 2 double glazed picture windows
  10. Sectional steel insulated overhead door
  11. Prebuilt engineered roof trusses
  12. Aluminum, soffit and fascia
  13. All required hardware and fasteners

Other garage options Everything you need to complete your garage project

Every RONA garage package can be customized to your specific needs with these additional options. Upgrades and accessories added to the standard garage package may increase the price of the final package, ask one of our experts for a free estimate.

Insulation and Drywall
Based on the dimensions of your garage

we can supply you with everything needed to ensure that your garage is well insulated and has a finished interior.

Siding packages
Match the colour of your garage to your house

with a RONA vinyl siding package or upgrade to special order metal, aluminum or specialty siding.

Other options at your disposal
  • Garage door opener
  • sill place gasket
  • anchor bolts
  • tap paper
  • tyvek
  • blueskin
  • eavesguard
  • whirlybird
  • storage and shelving
Electrical Wiring
We offer a complete selection of wiring, accessories and fixtures

to help you plan for interior and exterior lighting, a powered overhead door opener, or outlets for vehicles, power tools or holiday lights.

Roof shingles
Includes standard fiberglass shingles

or get the ones that match your house or specifically meet architectural restrictions in your community. Ask a RONA salesperson about the wide variety of roofing options available.

Eavestrough and downpipe package
Complete vinyl or aluminum eavestrough gutter systems

are available in a range of colors to match your house.

Specialty doors and windows
Every RONA garage comes with quality doors and windows,

but you can upgrade to more decorative doors, sliding windows or a specific style that accurately matches your home.

Need to know Everything you need to finalize your garage project

Need to know

Attention: It is the responsibility of the customer to attain the required building permits and to abide by specific building codes, bylaws and rules applicable to their property or construction site. Customers are responsible to contact utility providers to identity and mark the location of underground utility pipes and cables before digging on their construction site. The customer assumes all risks associated with the construction of their building project.

For the times you cannot do it yourself, have your project built by the experts on our RONA Installation Service team.

Consult the frequently ask questions
In addition to garage, other types of kits are available