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MASTER PLUMBER - Watering and Irrigation (1)

Rona offers hoses, sprinklers, and other equipment needed for outdoor watering. Attach adjustable sprayers to garden hoses to apply gentle mists or soaking showers to trees or flowerbeds. Other hoses are made of materials such as flexible stainless steel or bungee for added stretch. Weeper hoses let out controlled amounts of water to soak the soil. This makes them a useful tool for garden irrigation, along with sprinklers, tubing, and other components of irrigation systems. Hook up a timer to release a flow of water at regular intervals or for a set length of time.
Many options for outdoor watering deliver what different flower, tree, and grass species need to thrive. Attach a nozzle to a hose to deliver soaking streams to saturate soil or a gentle mist to water delicate blossoms and blooms. Garden hoses also work with bottles of concentrated grass and lawn feeders, mixing with the water and distributing nourishment across the lawn. Hand-held sprayers are another option for providing water directly to potted plants.

Hoses come in a variety of lengths and hose reels and hangers supply convenient storage options. There are wall-mounted hose holders, boxes that fit on patios, or wheeled, portable reels that follow along behind, for water delivery at any location.

Sprinklers disperse water around the yard in a range of patterns to fit specific needs. Some circular sprinklers offer multiple pattern options. Oscillating sprinklers create arcing showers while others stick into the ground with spikes and spray at adjustable intensities and various ranges. 

Setting up a garden irrigation system is a convenient and efficient way to water vegetables and other plantings. Look for drip kits that include spikes, tubing, and pressure regulators to keep flow consistent throughout watering. There are also weeper hoses that allow water to seep out and keep soil moist over extended periods.

Further tools for setting up water and irrigation systems may include shovels for digging out channels and timers for releasing and stopping water at pre-set times and for programmed intervals. Many timers control multiple watering stations. Route water to shrubs or tomato vines with riser tubing, joint elbows, barbs, and solenoids. Add a gauge to ensure that water pressure doesn’t get too high or too low. Connect a double or a triple valve to an outdoor tap to send water to multiple locations at once.
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3/4" Hose Washers - 12-Pack
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