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Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces (477)

Add warmth and ambiance to a backyard with outdoor fire pits and fireplaces from Rona. For use as decor, and to keep the area cozy, these items feature durable materials such as steel, ceramic, and stone to withstand the elements. These patio heaters generate between 10,000 and 65,000 BTU, depending on the model.

Choose between manual and propane-powered outdoor fire pits as desired, and to adhere to any safety restrictions. Browse tabletop and ground models in several traditional, contemporary, and decorative styles. Look for fireplace accessories and other outdoor products to personalize any space.
Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces let you keep the party going long into the night, well after it gets chilly. They also allow you to hold a luau in the cold season. Choose from an aesthetically varied collection that includes table top, table, pit style, and fireplace models. Discover the pleasures of relaxing by the fire all year round with outdoor fire pits.

When selecting the style of pit or fireplace, consider the fuel you'll use for your outdoor setting. With wood you get a pleasant flame that crackles and pops while you sit and watch. There's nothing quite like the cozy feeling of putting another log on the patio fireplace fire. Additionally, you can use charcoal, wood, or another dry fuel in pits. Wood fire heat output is lower than propane outdoor fireplaces, which means that everyone gets to gather closely together to enjoy its warmth at night.

For no-nonsense, reliable warmth, propane is the way to go. It runs on the same canisters that you use for your outdoor barbecue. The flame in these outdoor fire pits and fireplaces is very consistent, and they put out enough heat to cover a large area. Starting them up is as easy as opening the valve on your propane tank and clicking an ignition switch on the main unit. Close the valve on the canister and the fire is gone. The power of propane outdoor fire pits is measured in BTUs. A British This is the measurement for the heat output of outdoor fire pits and fireplaces. The higher the BTU rating, the greater the heat output, and the larger of an area you can keep warm.

When you're buying an outdoor fireplace, there are a few considerations to remember. Since they're exposed to the elements year-round, look for models that are made from stainless steel, or that have a powder coating to inhibit rust. Covers are available for many wood burning pits for when they're not in use. Also, make sure that the model you want is compact enough to give you and your guests room to move on the patio.

Enjoy your patio and outdoor furniture year round with the addition of an outdoor fire pit or fireplace.