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SUNBEAM - Pots and Saucers (2)

The durable construction of outdoor pots allows them to stand up to prolonged and varied weather conditions, serving as ideal housing for plants. Rona has planters in numerous colours, shapes, and sizes to choose from, as well as saucers to sit beneath them to collect excess water. There are large, stand-alone decorative outdoor pots, as well as small ones for window placement or for hanging on balconies. Some pots feature built-in interior saucers and self-watering planters for added convenience. Decorate a space with hanging planters secured with hooks and brackets.
Outdoor pots and saucers withstand the harsher elements provided by varying weather conditions. Made with long-lasting materials like resin, metal, wood, cement, or ceramic, they help protect plants. Rona’s selection covers most taste preferences, with options ranging from rustic-looking flower barrels to sleek and simple white planters. Pick from bold colours like hot pink, red, blue or green or soft-toned browns, creams, and greys. 

This selection offers plenty of sizes, allowing gardeners to house different plants, from small herbs such as cilantro to bigger ones like lemon trees. These outdoor pots don’t just look pretty in the garden; they also protect plants from too much water thanks to their drainage holes. Couple them with outdoor saucers to help keep planter shelves clear of mould and mildew. For aesthetic purposes, look for decorative outdoor pots that come without drainage holes. These are ideal for concealing less appealing pots.

If you plan to leave plants outside throughout the year, wood or cement pots work better. They don’t crack in cold temperatures. Ceramic and plastic pots work well for milder climates or for the mid-seasons of spring and fall. To create a memorable visual experience, consider incorporating metal pots in your space. These are durable and provide visual pleasure for many years. Use them with internal liners, which offer the needed insulation to keep plants from overheating. For a casual feel, choose resin wicker pots to complement outdoor wicker furniture, or opt for pots embellished with printed graphics.

Experiment with different shapes, from straight, geometric lines to soft, graceful curves. Consider the plant you want to grow in it the pot, and figure out the best style of container and whether to place it in the sun or shade. And take your garden to a whole new level by using the hanging planters available.
Sunbeam 14.6-in Beige Plastic Resin Planter icon-wishlist
Sunbeam 14.6-in Beige Plastic Resin Planter
Format 14.6"
Article #64645003
Sunbeam 14.6-in Black Planter icon-wishlist
Sunbeam 14.6-in Black Planter
Format 14.6"
Article #64645000